Northwest Energy Association

NWEA Speaker Program for 2017-2018

March 15, 2018 Luncheon

High-enthalpy non-magmatic linear geothermal trends in the Basin and Range of Nevada, U.S.A.

Albert F. Waibel
Columbia Geoscience
6943 NE Quatama St.
Hillsboro, Oregon  97124 USA
Telephone: 1-503-260-7215

ABSTRACT: Two linear high-enthalpy non-magmatic geothermal resource trends are identified in the north-central Nevada portion of the Basin and Range province, the Humboldt trend and the Dixie Valley trend. Each of these trends are characterized by geothermal cells with measured or chemical geothermometry-estimated temperatures of >250°C. These temperatures reflect crustal temperatures at depths of 8 to 10 km, near the brittle-ductile boundary for this portion of the Basin and Range province. The source of fluids supporting sustained flow for all of the cells within the trends from depths indicated by the fluid temperatures is poorly understood. The regional strain and current relative crustal movement have been established. However, the specific local crustal tectonics controlling the location and geometry of these two trends are poorly defined.

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY:  Albert F. Waibel, owner of Columbia Geoscience in Hillsboro, Oregon, provides consulting services specializing in the design and management of geothermal exploration programs ranging from regional reconnaissance to site-specific exploration and development. He has 45 years experience with geothermal exploration and development in North and Central America, Asia, Africa and Europe. He was the exploration manager for Davenport Power on Newberry Volcano, responsible for the exploration strategy and locating the two deep exploration well sites. He has developed and lectured graduate-level courses on the nature, occurrence, fluid sources and exploration strategies for geothermal systems in magmatic, extension and orogenic tectonic settings at Southern Methodist University and Portland State University (U.S.A.), Illia State University (Republic of Georgia) and Kasetsart University (Thailand). He has also developed and taught numerous courses on data collection, and on interpretation and real-time application of well-site data to private industry. He assisted with the design and implementation of testing hyper-spectral remote sensing techniques adapted for geothermal exploration with Dr. Wm. Pickles (then with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) and Dr. E. Silver (University of California Santa Cruz) at test locations in Nevada.